Teacher Development

Teacher development is one of our main focuses at Edify. Teachers join our school in ‘trainee position’ for at least a year. Teachers go through training and workshops at school and Edify International Pvt. Ltd. throughout the year and develop themselves trained teachers in Edify philosophy.
Edify International School is a centre for building career of individuals, interested to grow themselves in the field of education. Teachers and staffs of this school are involved in many training and development programs throughout the year. Teachers and staffs receive training on the best practices of educational leadership, educational management, classroom management, teaching-learning, educational technology, communication, child psychology, educational research, academic writing … are discussed and practiced in school and classroom situation. School is closely working with Kathmandu University, School of Education and Edify International Pvt. Ltd. for training and development.
School offers such training and development opportunities to teachers, school leaders and prospective teachers/school leaders so that they can contribute positively to the society.