Our partners

Our partners
Kathmandu University, School of Education
Edify International School and Kathmandu University School of Education signed MOU to develop Edify a lab school of KUSOED. This is one of the models in University-School partnership. EDIFY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, A LAB SCHOOL OF KATHMANDU UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL OF EDUCATION

Edify International school has its policy to work together with national and international institutions of similar interests and philosophy. Edify is promoted and led by Kathmandu University graduates, and is leading towards TQM and adopting the best practices in education. Now, Edify is a part of Kathmandu University, School of Education as University-lab school.

We firmly understand that the essence of our stewardship to this institution should gradually reveal a model institution within next five years by crafting and promoting a culture of learner focus, collective participation, systems standardization and robust measurements, continuous process improvement, institution-wide personal and professional commitment for progress, and accountability and responsibility of everything we do at this school.

We have a vision to excel in school education by developing into a truly lab-based school system. With this partnership, we boost up Edify International School as a center of excellence for–
i. Student development: It will be achieved by means of development of life skills, physical and intellectual development, socialization skills, and creative work with fun in a safer caring and respectful school environment.
ii. Teacher development: Our approach to teacher development comprises of a number of training and development activities that include level, subject and need-based instructional skill development, intellectual development, academic writing, and building teamwork, communication and leadership skills. The teachers are guided and trained to take leadership for bringing newer approaches for instructional development.
iii. Institutionalizing research-based practices: We firmly understand the importance of research-based practices in education. This is one reason why we intend to develop this school as a lab school. The outcomes of this mission will contribute significantly in establishing the cases of research-based practices in the country. It will be made possible through university-school-community linkages in many respects. The outcomes of every research and innovation works will be published in the form of a periodic journal for wider circulation.
iv. Providing internship opportunities: We are promoting this school as a learning center for the students specializing in education. The university interns and fresh graduates can observe the school practices, bring in their new practices for testing, and conduct research and gain experience through direct involvement in the school process management. Institutional incubation, systems development, instructional leadership, multi-mode teaching learning and assessments, study of transfer of learning, understanding child psychology, etc. will be the core aspects of learning for these interns.
v. Promotion of professional learning community: We intend to develop this school as a systematically crafted open-system promoting the professional learning community.