About Us

Edify Vision
The vision of Edify International School is to become an international center of excellence in school education that promotes individual capacity, social responsibility and global citizenship among our students.

Mission Statements

We are dedicated to symbolize EDIFY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL as a model institution for total quality education.

Learner focus, total participation, systems standardization, continued improvement, leadership commitment, and systems culture of learning represent our entire mission. All of our resources and processes are always driven by an integrative framework of all these elements.

With a single-fold objective, we intend to develop an avenue of quality learning experiences to all with lasting impacts.

Value System
EDIFY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL firmly believes and nourishes with a distinctive institutional value systems by complying with the universal practices of respect, dignity, ethics, equity, equality, access, empowerment, accountability, responsiveness, collegiality, ownership, and teamwork. School recognizes any success today as a new chapter for tomorrow to remain on the lead, always.

Working Principles

EDIFY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL’s working principles are nourished by a set of quality cultures that include learner focus, total participation, systems standardization and measurements, continuous improvement, teamwork, collegiality and, determination and commitment for transformation.

Edify Way of Education
Edify International School is a ‘Center of Excellence in School Education’. Based on the Nepal Government’s curriculum, Edify has modified it curriculum making it more relevant and meaningful to transform students and make them capable and responsible citizens. We practice progressive approach in education that addresses intellectual, physical, social and emotional aspects of each child at Edify.
We at Edify facilitate students to build new knowledge based on his/her past experience and knowledge. Students develop their own understanding through r real life experiences and hand-on activities in connection to the curriculum. Students, in the process of their active learning, learn to explore, enquire, solve problems, make connections to the real life, and draw conclusions engaging themselves in critical and creative thinking activities.
School provides open, supportive and respectful environment for students to enhance their curiosity and encourage them to enquire and express themselves openly. Regular interaction between students, teachers and the parents further support student learning and developing positive leaning environment at school.
We treat all the children from any cultural and social backgrounds with respect and dignity. Children learn to value the beauty of diversity, and learn to enjoy the diversity.
We intend to maximize collegiality, student talk, open-endedness, multiple learning modes, connections, different teaching styles so that students are learning how to learn.

Edify Curriculum
We believe that learning can happen only in respectful and supportive school environment, and learning can happen when students interact with people, ideas and the materials. At Edify International School students interact with teachers, themselves, community, surrounding and with the curriculum.
The curriculum is designed with some modification in Government prescribed curriculum. Our pre-school curriculum is designed to develop skills in language, Numeracy, Science, Socialization, Sensing, acting and creativity. Little kids are nurtured caring and enjoyable atmosphere and in Montessori approach.
In elementary through high school level English, Nepali, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Computer Education are introduced in all the grades. Health, Environment and Population and Physical Education are introduced as per the Government policy. Optional Mathematics and Environmental Science are introduced as optional subjects in secondary level. School has policy to provide choices to students as per their interest and capacity.
English is the main medium of communication and instruction. However, we want our students speak, read and write well in both English and Nepali languages. Students learn Mathematics through exploratory, interactive and problem-solving activities. In Science students explore the nature and experience through practical experimentations. Students learn Social studies by exploring the resources, and observing and interacting with the community. School starts Computer education from grade one. Computers and Internet are widely used by the students for project works and independent studies. Physical Education, Health, Environmental studies, Painting, drawing, making clay models, recycling, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments are equally emphasized for all round development of each individual.
Teachers in all the level are trained to deal the curriculum effectively and joyfully. Our teachers use library and internet resources and generate students focused classroom activities.

Our Commitment to Excellence
We review our programs, curriculum, textbooks, and teaching-learning activities at the end of each school year. We evaluate the curriculum and textbooks for appropriateness and applicability, and review teaching methods to adopt the “Best Practices.” We encourage parents and our partners to contribute their observations and meaningful suggestions.