Edify International School is established in 2004 and now in the verge of promoting itself as a Secondary School. The institution has a motto to be established itself as a center of excellence through a holistic functional approach to quality school management.


The school has been lead and managed by a team of rightly qualified and committed people with depth understanding of leadership for quality education, and with strong academic and professional background. The process of systems transformation is already in place, and it will last along all future endeavors.


The school system has been rightly provisioned, and the development of three distinctive stage-wise learning centers – Early Childhood Development Center (ECD), Elementary School (Classes 1 through 8), and Secondary School (Classes 9 through 12) is going on. Among these levels, the first stage is treated as preparatory stage for formal schooling, whereas the later two are the formal stages of school education according to new educational systems policy of Nepal.


Through every strategic as well as functional orientation, the school management is committed to develop it as a total quality management school (TQMS). Propagated by its leadership, the school holds ownership of a universally applicable model of quality school management. The model has already been tested in many ventures and the results are quite encouraging. Our partnership with Kathmandu University, School of Education, and introduction of Student Quality Circles (SQCs) in all the grades are the beginning steps towards total quality education.


The school has already gained confidence on this prospect as a result of continued interest and valuable support of the parents, general public, district education administration, teacher-staff, students, and other institutions having concern on quality education.


Edify’s got Talent was held in school on 1st Mangsir 2074 (friday).

And the winners are:

Senior Category:

1st- Rashmi Bista (4)


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August 13, 2017

On 27th Shrawan 2074, Edify conducted singing and dancing competition where almost 100 students participated from Nursery to Grade…

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August 13, 2017

On Bhadra 2 (August 18), our school is taking grade 10 to Narahiti Palace Museum as part of teaching…

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August 17, 2017

We proudly announce Admission Open for Playgroup/Nursery on the Auspicious occasion of ShreePanchami.

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August 25, 2017

School Flex

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November 21, 2017

All our parents are cordially invited for the  Parents’ Day celebration and Akshyararambha program held on  Saraswoti Puja, 8th…

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January 17, 2018

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