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EDIFY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL’s working principles are nourished by a set of quality cultures that include learner focus, total participation, systems standardization and measurements, continuous improvement, teamwork, collegiality and, determination and commitment for transformation. As Aristotle once said, educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. The school has already gained confidence on this prospect as a result of continued interest and valuable support of the parents, general public, district education administration, teacher-staff, students, and other institutions having concern on quality education.


2nd Terminal Exam will be held from 29 Bhadra 2074 to 8th Ashwin 2074.

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August 12, 2017 21023 Views

On 29th Shrawan 2074, Edify Scout Troop went to Sundarijal for their fifth excursion.


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August 13, 2017 6423 Views

On 27th Shrawan 2074, Edify conducted singing and dancing competition where almost 100 students participated from Nursery to Grade…

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August 13, 2017 6381 Views

On Bhadra 2 (August 18), our school is taking grade 10 to Narahiti Palace Museum as part of teaching…

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August 17, 2017 5721 Views

On 23rd August 2017, Edify International School celebrated Teej Festival. Our school will remain close on  24th,25th and 25th…

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August 25, 2017 10308 Views

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