Edify International School is a ‘Center of Excellence in School Education’. Based on the Nepal Government’s curriculum, Edify has modified it curriculum making it more relevant and meaningful to transform students and make them capable and responsible citizens. We practice progressive approach in education that addresses intellectual, physical, social and emotional aspects of each child at Edify.



Edify is accessible from any part of the valley, since the school is located very near to Kalanki chok. School has a bus for transporting students to and from school and other activities.


Besides hostel students any other school members can use the cafeteria services. School discourages students to bring unhygienic and junk foods for their Lunch/Tiffin. The cafeteria provides fresh and hygienic food in very reasonable cost.


Edify Library has a collection of related text books, reference books for students and teachers, and educational materials such as charts, models, V/CDs, DVDs and Cassettes, TV, projector, cassette players and DVD players.

Science And Math Lab

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics are taught with full of hand-on activities and experiments. Students gain experiences through practical activities and handling the real objects in those subjects.


School has well equipped hostel for both boys and girls. Hostel students take food in school cafeteria. Hostel students have provision for special tutorials, entertainment and sporting activities under strong supervision. Students can go home on Friday evening and should be back by Saturday evening. Parents can visit school/hostel any time with pre-information.

Computer Lab

Students from grade one start computer studies. Computer classes are conducted in the computer lab itself so that each student can practice simultaneously. School has a policy that all the teachers and the students at Edify should be able to handle the computer comfortably and should be able to computer knowledge to create and continue learning independently. Students from grade four and above create their email account and learn to explore the net. Students can use internet during the breaks and free times for educational purposes only.

About Edify Intl School

The school aims to prepare competent global citizens who are also able to understand the distinct Nepalese socio-cultural tradition and family values.

All students are born with inherent capacities; but they learn in different ways, at different pace and with different preferred learning styles. We deal with these through the use of a variety of effective teaching-learning techniques.

  • Beautiful Class Rooms
  • Lush Play Ground
  • Secure Building
  • Pick and Drop
  • Sports Activities
  • Gaming Room
  • Breakfast - Lunch
  • And many more

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